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Why is nut-kicking funny

It is seen everywhere. Why is a kick in the testicles part of practically every comedy ever made,
every rom-com, slapstick routine you can think of? 

It's often introduced into drama, but always with the intention of comic effect.

Why is a nut-kick funny?

Or to put it another way, why is a kick to female genitals not funny? It just isn't, nothing more.

You can't say it's less painful, because how is pain to be described anyway, seeing as it's quite relative, and that's hardly to the point. If pain is removed from the question entirely, the conundrum remains - for example a finger being put up the rectum is only funny if it's a male rectum - so...

Why is it funny to inflict pain on a male?

Here's an example of this type of misandry:

You may have come across this on the web, or perhaps somewhere more official, maybe in a doctors office:

There's nothing funny about childbirth, however, it is often used in comedic situations too, but with the basic difference that the humour always lies in the woman's reaction to the event, not the event itself.

Wile the statement/poster is quite startling, you may be surprised to find that it is completely made-up as part of an advertising campaign to get us to buy stuff for mothers day - and it worked. 

However, having done the rounds, it is often referred to as "fact". It is quite astounding how many people are ready to believe and accept that women can bare more than the human limit of pain - did you?.

To begin with, is no such measurement as the "del", although there is the "dol" scale from the 1950s ("dolor" is latin for "pain") and it's based on the subjects interpretation:
2-3 Mild pain, 4-5 Discomforting - moderate pain , 6-7 Distressing - severe pain , 8-9 Intense - very severe pain , 10 Unbearable pain

Now make a comparison ....
 What's written below was presented online as "fact", in response to the "facts" above

A kick in the balls can be described in abstract terms as inflicting over 9000 del (units) of pain - equivalent to 160 childbirths
... which is clearly a satirical inflation, and I'll hazard a guess that you felt a slight pang of indignation that someone would try to lessen our empathy with, or belittle, the pain of childbirth.

Well, you wouldn't be alone because ...

... it was immediately pounced upon, derided and ridiculed because "there is nothing worse than childbirth (full stop, end-of-story)". 

What's bizarre is that it was attacked by defending the first statement (which is equally non-nonsensical). Even though the childbirth/kick question will never be answered, because it's so relative and can never be compared.

Not only is it relative, it's completely irrelevant, because no one can argue that a kick to the testicles isn't painful (well, one could possibly argue that it's at least as painful as a kick to the female genitals).

But yet, we are expected to laugh. Why?
Do we laugh at a kick to the testicles in the same way we used to laugh at other offensive material? 

Is it because it makes us feel superior?

Is it because the person being kicked is somehow less than a complete person (like the hundreds of indians shot by cowboys way back in the day)?

Do we laugh because "real men" can take a kick to the testicles without blinking, "real men" have no concern for themselves, "real men" deny their own humanity?

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