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UN Petition by Kristal Garcia

A petition is being lodged with the UN in New York by broadcaster, commentator, youtuber and writer Kristal Garcia. It would seem to be a long time overdue.

The petition asks the the UN in New York to set up commissions to address the "Status of Men and Boys ... Life Saving Commodities for Men and Boys, ... Men and Boys’ Health, ...Interpersonal Violence against Men and Boys, and ...Human Trafficking of Men and Boys"

What is surprising is that this needs doing. You would think it's obvious.

Krystal describes the need for such commissions as
"A need which Men and boys have human rights that are being ignored, their voices silenced. The UN has a bureau for women and women's rights however, there is not bureau for men and men's human rights. Half of the human population is not being heard and their human rights dismissed. This is discrimination and cannot continue. Please sign this petition and be a stand for equality. Equality means all voices are heard, including men and boys"

Here is a link to the Petition and all our readers are encouraged to join in the effort to address some very serious problems.

Realistically, it is likely that the UN will ignore the petition, but that is no reason to shy away.
Nonetheless, Every little helps.
If this fails, there will be another. Eventually, society will have to accept that males are human beings, deserving of dignity, health, esteem and autonomy.

Krystal has a youtube channel, where she airs her opinions, is on Facebook and is a member of the HoneyBadgerBrigade

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