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Next time you're out and about, maybe having a quiet coffee, waiting for a friend, or nipping down the shop for milk, leave a little curiosity to brighten someones day.

The O'Palmer promo cards are foldable into a little 3d object, asking people to step outside of the box. It has a QR code linking directly to the card article and invites others to view the magasine.

There have been two suggestions for the cards so far.

The first is as described above, by creating an "objet trouvé", which can be left for the next patron or staff to find - this might be on a cafe table, post-office counter, petrol-station coffee-machine area , or anywhere else you can think of. 
Make it as colourful and interesting as you can.
... and Please, Be POLITE and do not litter - nobody wants that.

The second suggestion is to use it as a book note in another of Harrys Hints.
Again, always be polite, this is supposed to be a nice surprise, not an annoyance. Business cards are very handy as bookmarks, particularly the O'Palmer card because it has a line on it which can point to the exact place where you were on the page.

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