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Ideologically Talking

It's generally accepted wisdom that one should not waste time talking to an ideologue, or is it ...

Well, time, trial and error suggests that it is, because it can be exhausting. It is impossible to break through the underlying belief system, and any objections to that belief will only serve to reinforce it - a bit like a creationist, who when shown fossils, responds that they were put there by a god to confuse us. 

However there are occasions where talking to an ideologue is not talking to an ideologue, and that is when there are other people around.

In this scenario, you are actually talking to those other people who are within earshot. Pretend you have an amp, or you are on the radio.

Talk clearly and distinctly and get across the points you want to make, for the benefit of people who may be listening, but don't be too obvious about it - no one likes a show-off.

Be polite and respectful at all times.

Keep the conversation on your track, talking about the issues you want to talk about, even if it means sounding like a broken record.

And remember, it doesn't really matter if the conversation makes any sense, or if anything is resolved, because it was never expected that the ideologues mind would suddenly change.

What does matter is that there may be someone listening, and maybe they will take some of it in, and if they come away with only just one thought or question, then that seed has been planted.


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