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Complaint to RTE - join the choir

Here's an example of the type of complaints being sent into RTE. What is astonishing is that RTE needs to be reminded....

Take a little time out of your day and make a complaint. It's only by making your voice heard that this type of misandry will be addressed. It doesn't have to be prose - just one line is enough - and it only takes a minute.

-Identifiers removed- 

I want to protest at the ads being run by Rte on this issue of the Man Up campaign for a number of reasons:

*  This is being used in a political way not in a helpful way. It gives the impression that the violence is all one-way when we know it is not. We need a more balanced approach which recognises that men also suffer abuse. This is rarely acknowledged.

*  Not only do men suffer abuse but they very often are neglected by state authorities when they do. Figures given by the HSE from 2005 say that only 5% of men who suffer abuse report it. Why?

*  According to the ONS survey for the UK 2011-12, men were the victims in 40% of cases. Many other studies can be cited.

*  Safe Ireland which runs the campaign is reported tobe spending €100,000 on it. This group receives a lot of state funding but there is no attempt to present the other side of the argument. State funding should not be used in this unfair and unbalanced manner.

*  The report of the Justice committee on Domestic Violence came out on Oct. 16. It received 40 submissions not one of which presented the male point of view or gave figures for men suffering abuse. Amen was not there, nor did it make a submission.Why? The impression was given that DV is wholly against women with men as the perpretators and abuse of men either does not exist or is unimportant.

*  Many women's groups were represented at the hearings including National Women's Council, Womens Aid, and several Rape Crisis Centres. They are all in receipt of substantial state funding. There are no comparable groups for men. This is a failure of the State which resulted in  men's cases not being heard.

*  RTE as a public broadcaster has a duty to be fair, balanced and impartial. In view of the points made above I believe RTE has a duty to present a balanced picture by giving the male point of view which for various reasons has been lost. It should not present these ads.

And in the interests of fairness and right of reply, here's the response....

Thank you for your email which was passed to our Department for information and comment.

Firstly, may I explain the process involved before an advertisement reaches the airwaves. Prior to going to air, all advertisements airing on RTÉ must first be cleared for broadcast by RTÉ’s internal Advertising Clearance Committee, who consider both the verbal and visual content of the commercial along with its suitability for broadcast and it’s compliance with all existing advertising Codes.

With regards to the Radio commercials for Safe Ireland the Clearance Committee were mindful that domestic violence is a very sensitive issue. The Committee reviewed both the tone and the overall message in the commercials and were satisfied that commercials did not contravene the Broadcasting codes and regulations in place. Unlike RTÉ’s Editorial output which we would ensure is fair, balanced and impartial, Commercial Communications are purchased airtime for Advertisers to promote their services. The Advertiser in question Safe Ireland specifically work with women and children and therefore their Radio commercials were created to highlight the issue of violence against women and children.

We absolutely agree that violence from any source is unacceptable and awareness should be raised to ensure it never happens. To this end, as the commercials are compliant with Broadcasting codes no further action will be taken against the commercials however we thank you for taking the time to make us aware of your views as we value all feedback received.

Remember, If you don't like something on Television or Radio, it is your right to complain

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