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Vin Peoples Internet Radio Show

This is an internet radio service broadcast regularly, produced, presented and managed by a Dubliner called Vin Peoples. It's a talk radio which covers a wide range of social issues.
On Peoples Internet Radio, there is a regular mens issues broadcast currently scheduled for Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.

Check out the <CALENDER> in the topics to the right for updates. 

The mens issues broadcast tries to cover a whole range of issues relevant to men in Ireland, from homelessness, to divorce, parental alienation, suicide, education, etc, with guests and stories from real people, and provides a place where men can share their experiences.

In case you miss the broadcast, or the time doesn't suit, it can be listened to again on the podcast (basically a recording of the show,  for anyone unfamiliar with that).

Unfortunately, it's not clear how to contact the show during the broadcast, to comment or what-have-you, but if anyone figures it out, please do put it in the comment box.

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