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Shiny Things

If you like the magasine, but you're having difficulty referring to it (the content being slightly off-centre); here's a way to refer to it without referring to it.
On the right hand side, maybe scroll down a bit, there is a group of "fun topics", with all sorts of things. Why not, link to one of those articles in your facebook page, just to say, "hey, this is cool". It needn't have any reference to the magasine at all.

Hopefully, the visitor will enjoy the article, and perhaps a few others. Perhaps they will notice the rest of the magasine and either like it, loath it, or not care. In any case, it's good to expose people to new ideas.

At least there is plausible deniability, if anyone attacks you for promoting the ideas expressed (not that there's anything wrong with promoting those ideas, but .it can be socially difficult, at least for now)

"Oh, no, I've no idea what the magasine is about, I just thought it was a cool item."

If you've just arrived from such a reference, and you've clicked about, and you're now reading this article - hopefully you're smiling. 

If you're not smiling, then please tell us why.

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