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DV awareness: Walk a Mile in (t)he(i)r shoes

The "walk a mile" community involvement action took place on Saturday in Dublin, Cork and Galway. An enterprising reader provided some information for those involved.

By all accounts, it wasn't a particularly great turnout in Dublin - in all, maybe about 50 people took part in the walk. Nonetheless, it was to raise awareness regarding Domestic Violence in Ireland (and funds for Womens Aid) and that's a good thing. However, a good number of people involved (about a third), when asked if they would like some information about domestic violence in Ireland, said that they were not interested. Curious, considering a number had gone to the effort of dressing in a ridiculous manner.

Many thanks to the individual who did such a simple thing.

There is still a lack of clarity with regard to domestic violence, and simple little interventions like this help to elevate the discussion to something approaching civility.

The figures released through mainstream groups and media seem to inflate and contact almost at will, but always with the same default principle. 

The definition of domestic violence expands to give a terrifying picture of pandemic proportions, affecting huge numbers of Irish women, but those same figures are disregarded in respect to males, referring only to severe violence (affecting twice as many females as males), yet, even then, 6% is not insignificant.

However, when considered in relation to the very low rate of reporting (5%) by males, perhaps the picture is not so black and white. 

Perhaps it's time for WomensAid to change it's name, go for some rebranding as an inclusive humanist organisation and leave the polarising, histrionic rhetoric behind.

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