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4 Oct, Mens Shed Conference Dublin

The O'Palmer will be BROADCASTING events live from the Conference. Schedule below:

If you can't make it to the conference in Dublin, and you want to get involved, then tune in on Saturday, here at the O'Palmer. If you have questions you want raised, just send them in via the chat room, and we'll try to get them answered.

The O'Palmer tv has a link button on the right too. 

There is a provisional progam for Saturdays conference which can be seen by clicking HERE
Unfortunately, the program is subject to change, but there will be someone there from the O'Palmer broadcasting events as they happen.

Raw footage is available to view online for a limited time after the event.

Broadcast will begin at 9.30 am approximately and continue right through the day until just after the floor Q+A. If possible, we'll try to arrange an interview, so you can have you're questions answered in more detail. We'll see what happens on the day.

Hope to see you there.

(Harry will be the one in the glasses)

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