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3d cards. Shameless Promotion.

If you've just arrived via the card,  
Hello!, you're very welcome.
These cards are being distributed in various spots around the country. They've turned out quite well and can be used as business cards, calling cards or just something to consider while you're out and about. Feel free to distribute or pass them on where you see fit. There is a downloadable jpg for printing if you want to raise awareness in your locale. 
The design and folding are owned by the O'Palmer, so please be respectful.
Now for the cool stuff. They fold into this:
.... which, apart from being an interesting object on its own,  represents the box in which you find yourself when trying to discuss mens issues....

"And it folds like this," (... it's got the moves like jagger)
 Bend it right down the center, and bend it back so it bends in both directions. 
If the card is stiff, you might want to use a ruler and your nail to crease it before bending.
 Bend it across the middle in both directions.
 Bend at the end along the implied line.
 Bend it forwards across the diagonal between "Mind the Gap"
 Bend it along the implied diagonal at the O'Palmer webaddress.
 Bend along the implied line of the "noticeboard"
2 Bends here: 
1-Carefully bend along a diagonal (bottom left) to the center, about 1/3 the distance from the edge. 
2- Bend from the top of the diagonal crease beside the webadress (top right) to the center of the right-hand edge (above the "noticeboard").
 Carefully bend it away, parallel to the edge (right of photo) from the point of the diagonal just made.
Now, with the bends made, Fold it to make a corner. Enforce the bend with the back of your nail.
 Open it again, and CAREFULLY bend it back into position while folding the "noticeboard" and the webaddress triangle back. Enforce these creases with your nail.
 Now, fold up the lower flap (at the back) to make a corner.
Carefully fold up the flap at the bottom along the crease.
 Same Fold from a different angle: Carefully fold up the flap at the bottom along the crease.
 Fiddly bit alert: Fold the right-hand flap back along the crease, allowing the corner to make a little triangular fold. Enforce the little triangle fold with your nail.
 Then tuck the upper edge of the left-hand flap, along with the triangular bend, in behind and enforce the crease.
 Finally, bend the "signage roof" up into the vertical position, and there you have it!

Garnish with a dash of colour to taste, and create a delightful little objet trouvè to brighten up someones day!

Here's the jpg:

If you like the concept, please comment, link, facebook it, post it, tweet it, or whatever takes your fancy

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