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Book Requests

Here's something which doesn't cost anything and only takes a moment. If you have a library or a bookshop near you, then make use of it.
Simply pop in and request a book. 
Better still, have a short list of titles and authors which the librarian or shopkeeper can look up. Have a look at this list of books (there's a link in topics) for ideas.

If it's a library, request the book, or have it placed on the order list.
If it's a book shop, just ask different staff to see if it's in stock.
Do this every now and again, and it will appear on the data base as a series of enquiries, which will push it up the consideration scale. Obviously, libraries have budgets, but if it appears on the request list often enough, it will be considered. 

With enough enquiries, it becomes a practical necessity for the bookshop or library to research the book (or author).  
Even if it isn't available or ultimately ordered, the staff will be curious enough to look it up to see what it's about.

Hey presto, people are exposed to new ideas and even if they never read it, they become aware of it. They may even ask their friends, "Have you ever heard of ...."

Job done, nice one

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