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Cultural comment from North America

Another female voice taking a swipe at the prevading culture in Canada. Known under the title of Feminism LOL on youtube, she has a good audience and an admirable body of work.

Now, while you might not agree with everything you hear on in OtherVoices, there are certainly some good points.

As always, if you like what you hear, then SUBSCRIBE to her channel. 

For the benefit of anyone unfamiliar with youtube: click the red play button in the center of the image, and the video will begin. If you roll your mouse over the playing video, an icon bar appears at the top. To play a specific speech, click the little icon beside the word "playlist" which pops up at the top left of the video image. This will drop down into a playlist and you can select the speech you want to hear.
If an advertisement pops up across the image, there is usually a little X on one corner, which can be clicked to get rid of it.
Also, if you want to watch a full-screen big image, click the box to the right of the bar at the bottom.

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