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An expansive database of material hosted on the Wikipedia platform and growing all the time.
WikiMANNia is the brainchild of one Rainer Luka, a clever German chap who set up the WikiMANNia resource several years ago. It's available in English, German, Italian and Spanish, and is generally European based, but it's profile constantly expanding with material from all over the world.

A lot of the material is set forth from pre-existing studies and research which was missed by the mainstream outlets and presents data which, for numerous reasons, has been suppressed or ignored by social commentary. What is quite surprising is that many of our commonly held notions about sexual violence, domestic abuse, law and the history of gender politics are not quite as black and white as we tend to believe. 

It's a huge tomb of material and work, and it's easy to get lost, but with a bit of tenacity and some clicking around, the structure and navigation should become clear. Obviously, if you're already familiar with Wikipedia, then it's easier.

But WHY have a dedicated platform set up for this material? 

Well, unfortunately, it became necessary relatively soon after Wikipedia was set up as a resource. As you know, Wikipedia is an open resource and material can be updated by anyone really. It self-regulates by having interested people who correct inaccuracies and try to maintain up-to-date, relevant and scholarly material. However, there are quite a number of very sincere, ideologically-minded individuals out there who set about subverting this ideal by constantly inserting misleading information, harassing users, red-flagging material, etc. 

Actually, difficult as it is to believe, this activity was rewarded in Universities by being included as point-enhancing extra-curricular activity which goes towards the postgraduate qualification.
So, that's why it's there.

For those not familiar with Wiki, the page looks like this,
 ... and on the left hand side is the navigation area (it continues down quite a bit with different groupings and functions like forums, etc), where you can link directly to particular content. 
If you get lost, click the WikiMannia image (blue globe) at the top left and it always brings you back to the main page.

If you click on the "Topics A-Z", it brings you here with general groupings, articles and of course the a-z where you can look for a particular topic. Remember that the person who loaded the material might not think the same way as you do, so try a few headings/category names.

 After that, you're on your own!

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