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Getting involved

Getting involved is actually very simple. Almost no effort is required and it's all down to how much time, energy or inclination you might have. Just curious ?.... then read on.

First off, it's important to point out that you don't have to agree 100% with everything that's said, (Harry) O'Palmer is just as open to criticism as anyone else. It's enough just to recognise some commonality or a point of reference, and engage in discussion, but keep in mind that many of the themes may not "feel" right at first, which is kind-of the point of The O'Palmer. 

Until our cultural misandry is recognised, it will continue to go unchecked. 

Anything connected to The O'Palmer is regulated by our Code of Conduct, which constantly being updated and amended in the interests of inclusivity and fairness.

The simplest way to help out is to have a look at Harrys Hints which has a link on the right. The hints are simple day-to-day things which help get the word out. You'd be surprised; if enough people do a little, it can have a big effect and it all helps to get the conversation started. 
Of course, if you have a hint idea, just get in touch. Every little helps.

The next simplest thing is to promote the ideas themselves, which is as simple as telling your friends about The O'Palmer, or linking to the site, or referring to an article/campaign on Facebook, twitter or wherever. Contacting your TD, senator or minister, or signing a petition, or assisting with a survey usually only takes a minute, and links are provided within articles to save you having to go looking.

If you have a little bit of time and you engage in popular culture (as I'm sure you do), why not keep an eye out for examples of Cultural Misandry and bring it to our attention. This could be as simple as a newspaper article, an advertisement, a story narrative, or anything at all. Be sure to identify why you have identified the example in logical and reasoned terms, and we can publish it for others to see an comment upon.

Book reviews. If you have read any of the books on the "reading list", and you have time to write up a useful review, then please do. Different opinions are very important.

We have limited resources and are always on the lookout for help. If you have a special skill, contact or resource which you think would be helpful or useful, do get in touch, even if it's a one time thing. For example, IT, to improve the site and it's functionality, or perhaps you know how to use Wiki and can set something up, or perhaps you're a graphic artist with an idea, or perhaps you're an academic with a useful research paper which relates to men's issues. The possibilities are endless; you know yourself the best.

Correspondants are needed to cover specific areas of research relating to men's issues, from law to media representation, to policy, to health. Within their particular area, the correspondant also handles articles and information sent in by readers, sifts through them, edits and publishes, while also researching and correlating data in their particular area. This allows the individual to really "get into" the subject, while simultaneously presenting and highlighting data for others to make use of.

Campaigns. A little bit of overlap here with the Correspondant, who will have the best info and works with the "campaign manager" (sounds very daunting, but it's really just about taking your idea and running with it) to set up an effective campaign on a specific issue. Setting up and monitoring a survey, coordinating awareness, contacting ministers, online promotion. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but support works two ways and liason with the correspondant and team is essential.

Management. People often forget that the coordination and liaison between people doing specific tasks is often just as important as the work being done. As the numbers increase, human resource management becomes more and more important. 
So far, so good, thankfully.
It's hard to say if we're at that stage yet, but soon, and it's best to plan ahead. Already, there are a great number of issues to be considered and the more people involved, the more important it will be to ensure we're all working effectively.

Money. Ah, yes, the old financial contribution. Perhaps the easiest, simplest and most direct way to show your support. 
Don't worry though, at the moment everything is voluntary and no money is being asked for, so keep your hands out of your pockets and reach out to others
Hopefully with enough sweat equity, it won't be needed.

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