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Give me a Break

There was a fundraising event held at the four seasons. Proceeds go to the support the services of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. International mothers day, a fashion event, glamour, celebrities and full support of the community. And rightly so. 

I was unable to attend, but I hope the fundraiser was financially successful. 

I just wanted to congratulate the organizers on the title. Great title. Love your work. I like the way you have taken the linguistic understanding of “womankind”, being a way of referring to all women, and cleverly used it in a way that implies a secondary meaning to mean “kindness towards women”. Very good, and it’s not a pun, so it’s clever. 

There are some people who might say that it sounds very similar to “ManKind ”, which is trying to raise awareness of the alarming rate of male depression and suicide. 

After many years of struggling mankind has finally managed to develop internationally. Others might say that it has resonance with “Mind our Men”, an Irish initiative which is attempting to raise awareness of depressive mental health amongst Irish men, which contributes to one of the highest male suicide rates in the world. “Mind our Men” is alongside the “Mankind” project with similar use of language, building on the success of the latter to gain sound-bite traction. 

Some would say “see the similarity with the play on words, the double-meaning of “mind”, its obvious association with the Mankind and MindOurMen projects as a way to build upon that success.”. 

These people would say that it has taken many years of very hard work by dedicated people to bring this to the attention of society, and the tragic deaths of those men deserve the respect, concern and empathy of all of us. They would say it has been a long, very hard journey to find a space, just a small space or break in the clouds, where the issue of male suicide can be addressed at last, having been ignored for decades. They might say that that memorable phrase is all they have. 

These cynical people might say that usurping the meme “Mankind” is petty and spiteful, demonstrating an unwillingness to allow even the smallest space to address the tragic deaths of young men by their own hand. These same cynical people might go on to say that such a clear reference to “mankind”, and then the attempt to subvert it and associate it with something as frivolous, disconnected and exclusive as fashion, is at the very least callous, insensitive and small-minded. 

Well, allow me to respond to those cynical people, 
on behalf of the representatives of women everywhere …. 

“ How DARE you!……..How very F*@#ing dare you! ” 

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