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Patriarchy ... origins and power in society

Just like Marxist fanatics searching for the bourgoisie, feminist rant and rancour about the partiarchy has yet to produce any culprits, even after nearly two generations of frantic, furtive and aggressive witch-hunting. It is akin to creationist idealism in the face of any evidence - God made it so! Similarly, in the face of any questions, debate, or evidence... the Patriarchy made it so!
This group of videos tries to discover the source of the patriarchy myth, and how it cam to be so compelling as an idea.
This is part of a series of videos by Man Woman and Myth which examines our understanding of one of the most successful uses of postmodern interpretation: Feminism. Using repetition and continued reinforcement of an idea, particularly one which lends itself easily to an existing pre-condition, our understanding can be distorted to such a degree that we adhere to a given interpretation, despite evidence to the contrary. via: Man Woman and Myth ManWomanMyth website"> Man Woman and Myth

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