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Family. Fatherless. Where have all the fathers gone.....

Series of videos examining the effects of fatherlessness in society. Originally heralded by the exponents of feminism as the only means to further civilisation, it is having the opposite effect. It would seem time to stop being embarassed and overcome the inherent difficulty, perhaps offence, which may be caused, by admitting that removing fatherhood (the definition here is, again, very important), or trying to socially construct a new definition is not a good idea. Men know what what the word father means. It is not something which can be defined by women.

This is part of a series of videos by Man Woman and Myth which examines our understanding of one of the most sucessful uses of postmodern interpretation: Feminism. Using repitition and continued reinforcement of an idea, particularly one which lends itself easily to an existing pre-condition, our understanding can be distorted to such a degree that we adhere to a given interpretation, despite evidence to the contrary.
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