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Reproductive rights. Men dont seem too bothered without them

Obviously, if voting, opinion polls, or any other formal standard is applied, men simply don't care about reproductive rights. The man-on-the-street, if there is such a thing, is apparently unconcerned, blythly side-stepping the question. Is he embarassed or afraid ?... unfortunately it may be the latter. Recently, there has been a surge (well, ripple really, but a surge relatively speaking) of interest in fathers rights. It has often been on television, and "explored" by liberal thinking radio hosts. All of this is just showmanship really, pandering to the middle range of the political populus. It lends a veneer of respectability to the current status quo. However, if you look more carefully at the ripple of fathers rights issues in the media, you will see that it is locked down within a very narrow discussion that serves to reinforce the preconceptions (pardon?) and prejudice which underscore the debate. Nomatter where the debate occurs, in the public arena, the discussion always concerns 'access', so that the discussion becomes cloudy and disinteresting. It examines only degrees of access - a little like theologians arguing over the number of angels on a pin - but implicit within this narrow discussion is the assumption that 1. regardless of context, he is financially responsible for the child; 2. a mans desire for access to the child is dictated by his finances, and 3. the child should be with the mother. Many women will pretend to be upset by such questions, simply because the assumptions are unquestionabe. A few will actually be upset. I feel that the truth is more important that the emotional stability of a few women.

This is part of a series of videos by Man Woman and Myth which examines our understanding of one of the most successful uses of postmodern interpretation: Feminism. Using repetition and continued reinforcement of an idea, particularly one which lends itself easily to an existing pre-condition, our understanding can be distorted to such a degree that we adhere to a given interpretation, despite evidence to the contrary. via: Man Woman and Myth ManWomanMyth website"> Man Woman and Myth

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