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DV General perception - Bad Boy

It is generally accepted that domestic violence is widespread across all sections of society, and simultaneously maintained that it is perpetrated by men. The idea that men are inherently violent in nature, and that they exhibit and express this violence on a daily basis within a domestic environment, is a compelling one, which can be easily accepted.
The unique aspect of this crime is that it is behind closed doors, which makes an accurate assessment very difficult. Nonetheless, all right-thinking people are justifiably disgusted by such behaviour and would seek any remedy; women for understandable reasons of justice and self-preservation, and men for reasons of justice and duty. Effectively, all men are under suspicion at all times, by both men and women. It just feels right.
This group of clips places a questionmark over the generally accepted facts. As an introduction to what has become a "DV industry", it is useful to look closely at the origins of such a harmful representation. This is part of a series of videos by Man Woman and Myth which examines our understanding of one of the most sucessful uses of postmodern interpretation: Feminism. Using repitition and continued reinforcement of an idea, particularly one which lends itself easily to an existing pre-condition, our understanding can be distorted to such a degree that we adhere to a given interpretation, despite evidence to the contrary.
via: Man Woman and Myth ManWomanMyth

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