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Family. Fathers are not an optional extra...

It is accepted and taken as common knowledge that the family unit consists of mother and child. The idea that a father (of course, the definition here is important) is not only optional, but actually undesirable, is relatively new and flies in the face of all empirical evidence.
The group of clips here takes a look at current thinking with regards to the the familial rights of fathers in society, how it affects urban life and how it may impact on the future. It takes a certain amount of willpower to look at this with a clear head, as often the mere discussion of fathers rights brings with it emotive reasoning and shaming tactics. There is nothing wrong with men defining the meaning of fatherhood on their own terms. The assumption that women's needs should be catered for above all else is a very strong guiding force, with the weight of cultural, historical and personal experience behind it.

This is part of a series of videos by Man Woman and Myth which examines our understanding of one of the most successful uses of postmodern interpretation: Feminism. Using repetition and continued reinforcement of an idea, particularly one which lends itself easily to an existing pre-condition, our understanding can be distorted to such a degree that we adhere to a given interpretation, despite evidence to the contrary.
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