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Something for the weekend

Here's a list of books. It is by no means exhaustive, but we've got to start somewhere, right? I get asked a lot where to get information on men's issues and admittedly, there's not a lot out there,but then again, there's enough. 

Something you might be surprised by - these issues are nothing new, there was plenty of stuff going on before the internet. Have a look at harrys hint on simple ways to improve your local library or bookshop.

I hope to be doing a series of reviews of these books, and, of course the list can expand over time.This is just a list of what I've read, in and around the topic. Some I've enjoyed more than others - hopefully, they'll give you a rounded view of the issues.

Naturally, if you can't wait, you can always google it. There might be a review already. Be careful though, a lot of people don't want you reading this type of literature, so some reviews can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Of course, mine too. I'm nobody and I'm not exempt from criticism, but that's why there's a comment box!

If you have read a book on men's issues, which you found interesting, or useful, why not write a review, send it in and get it published? Let others know about it.

But as I always say, be prepared for criticism....

If you find a book which can be read online, send in the link for inclusion (many people don't have the resources to buy books)

So, here's something to get started with. It's all essential, but "more" essential reading is highlighted with *:

Essential Reading (mens issues/challenging norms)

***The manipulated man (Der Dressierte Mann): read it
1971, Esther Vilar
***The War against Boys (how misguided feminism is harming our young men):
2000, Christina Hoff-Summers
***Why Men Earn More:
2005, Warren Farrell
***The Myth of Male Power:
1993, Warren Farrell
***Spreading Misandry:
2001, Katherine K.Young+Paul Nathanson
***Legalising Misandry:
2006, Katherine K.Young+Paul Nathanson
*No More Sex War, the failures of feminism(UK):
1992, Neil Lydon
*Who Stole Feminism?:
1995, Christins Hoff-Summers
*Women who make the world worse:
2006, Kate O'Beirne
*Sanctifying Misandry(goddess ideology and the fall of man):
2010, Katherine K.Young+Paul Nathanson
*Prone to Violence: read it (out of print) 
1982, Erin Pizzey
***The emotional terrorist and the violent-prone
1998, Erin Pizzey
*This way to the revolution, a memoir
2011, Erin Pizzey
*Bitch, on the history of manipulative female behaviour:
1998, Elizabeth Wurtzel
*Female Sexual Abuse of Children
1993, Michele Eliot
The Red Queen (sex and the evolution of Human Nature):
1993, Matt Ridley
When she was bad (how women get away with murder):
1997, Patricia Pearson
Men on Strike:
2013, Helen Smith
The Woman Racket:
2008, Steve Moxon
Sexual Utopia in Power (essay):
2006, F.Roger Devlin
The Legal Subjection of Men: read it
1908, E.Belfort Bax
The Fraud of Feminism: read it
1913, E.Belfort Bax

Additional Reading

A Rulebook for Arguments: 3rd edition
2000, Anthony Weston 
In Sheeps Clothing (Understanding and dealing with manipulitive people):
1996, George Simon
The Rape of the mind (The psychology of Thought Control, Menticide and brainwashing): read it
1956, Joost A.M. Meerloo
Introducing Post Modernism (a graphic guide):
1995/2007, Richard Appignanesi+Chris Garratt
Higher Superstition (the academic left and it's quarrels with science):1994, Paul R. Gross+Norman Levitt
The Metastases of Enjoyment (on women and causality):
2005, Slavoj Zizek
Fashionable Nonsense: postmodern intellectuals abuse of science(Impostures Intellectuelles):
1998(translation), Alan Sokal+Jean Bricmont
Future Shock (1970), The Third Wave (1980), PowerShift (1990)
Alvin Toffler
Living in the End Times:
2010, Slavoj Zizek
Bluff your way in feminism:
1987, Ravette ltd 
 The Ragged Trousered Philantropists:
1955, Robert Tressell
Faith in Fakes:
1998, Umberto Eco
Critical Mass, how one thing leads to another:
2005, Philip Ball
The Better Angels of Our Nature, a history of violence and humanity: 
2011, Stephen Pinker
The Faith Instinct, how religion evolved and why it endures:
2009, Nicholas Wade

Cultural Landmarks

 Discipline and Punish: the birth of the Prison (Surveiller et Punir):
1977 (translation), Michel Foucault 
The Open Society and it's Enemies, Vol.2,Hegel+Marx:
1945, K.R.Popper 
The Evils of Revolution: Abridged version of "Reflections..."
1790, Edmund Burke
Manufacturing Consent (the political economy of mass media):
1988, Edward S.Herman+Noam Chomsky 
The Gulag Archipelago:
1973, Aleksandr I.Solzhenitsyn 

Landmarks in Feminist Theory

A vindication of the rights of woman:
1792, Mary Wollstonecroft 
The subjection of women:
1869, John Stewart Mill 
The Second Sex (La Deuzieme Sexe,1949):
1953 translation, Simone De Beauvoir 
The Female Eunuch,
1970, Germaine Greer 
1992, Susan Faludi 
Fire with Fire
1993, Naomi Wolf
The Beauty Myth,
1990, Naomi Wolf

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