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A Simple Idea is the key ........................................

A devastatingly simple use of technology by London-Based Spanish designer Oscar Diaz means that you can't lose your keys. Called while you were sleeping,
the design is part of the New SImplicity Exhibition, which stretched designers to find possible uses for 3D-printing technologies.The idea is that the keys can be scanned by facilities in public spaces, adn the 3D data could be kept remotely in a secure virtual safety box. The virtual box could be accessed whenever a new set of keys are required, and duplicates could be printed from the digital information.The cleverness of the physical design is quite intriguing, in that the keys can be conveniently clipped together, for a key ring or attached to a wristband.

Simple and brilliant. I'd like a 3D printer at my front door, so I could use my password to print a new key every time I got home, and I wouldn't have to carry keys around with me .... or maybe just a code-access door would be better ... mmmm ....didn't quite think that through.

via: Oscar Diaz at DEZEEN

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