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God Faith Money ....................................

A witty, stirical take on indulgences by Mexican designer Luis Luna.
Idulgences were a service of the Catholic church before the Reformation, and Protestantism (Martin Luther objected to the practice as part of his thesis which he nail to the church door). The idea was, you could buy your way into heaven - literally pay-for-your-sins - so that you could pay for your faith with your work. It's a very embarassing and centuries-ago eradicated crime within the church.
Part art, part industrial design, part comment. In the modern secular world, perhaps you can get away with, or be forgiven anything if you have enough money. The religious overtones of the work reinforce the message, apart from them being beautiful objects. The medium IS the message.

gold, Pro – very faithful. 
silver, Amateur – faithful enough.
gunmetal, Rookie – not so faithful. 
rubber, Poser – f*ck faith. (the connotations of rubber needs no explaination)

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