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Made in England - Stephen Wiltshire ..............

This awe-inspiring aerial view of New York is the work of Stephen Wiltshire. It was drawn with calligraphic pens, in one sitting, in 2006.
More astounding is that he drew it from memory after a twenty-minute helicoptor ride over New york. Stephen Wiltshire has become famous for his intricately detailed drawings, and regualrly exhibits.
Born in London to West Indian parents in 1974. As a child he was withdrawn, and didn't interract well with others. Aged three, he was diagnosed as autistic, had no language skills and lived entirely in his own world.
By the age of five, through art, he was able to express himself, his whimsies and innate artistic interpretation of the world. He went on to study Fine-Art at City&Guilds Art College.
He was awarded year MBE for services to the art world in 2006. 
His work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of  important collections.

However, one swallow doesn't make a summer. One can't help but wonder how many other young people with autism might be helped by art and beauty. It is a wonderful tribute to out culture that the phenomenonal talent of Stephen Wiltshire was allowed to flourish.

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