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Help: Answers to "how to" questions


This is where we try to answer technical questions, or provide hack solutions to your questions:
 If you have a question or suggestion, just fire it in.....

How to List All Articles:
The articles are listed in 3s, to speed up the page loading. If you have a super fast connection and you want to see all the articles at once, go to the http address bar at the top, delete "?max-results=3", and refresh. It will then list all articles under that heading or topic.

How to search Multiple Topics or Headings:
If you want to browse specific Heading and Topic (or a number of topics), click the heading you want, then go to the http address bar. Delete "?max-results=3" and type in "+" followed by whatever topic you want (can be more than one, but each must have a "+" between, and are case sensitive)

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