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What's he like , this harry fellow?

Harry is a simple man. He knows what he likes, and appreciates the finer things in life, good coffee, good food, good clothes, and the details which make a difference.
 He knows what is important, accepts who he is, wearing his shortsightedness with pride. Glasses, which are necessary, functional and simple, become iconic and distinctive. He is aware of the world which he inhabits, and always forarmed, just in case. By dressing well, he conceals his wry take on the world, his humour, his insolence, his disregard for authority, a joker at heart. The character is filled out as a true renaissance man, enquiring, self motivated and stubborn.
To the outsider, to those in charge, he is controlled, a go-for, unimportant, perhaps a loser because they can't understand why he doesn't want to be like them, why he is not afraid. Looking down from above, he is a "bad little soldier", but we see him elevated, standing tall, looking down on those who consider themselves his superiors.
We could learn a lot from the portrayal. Recognise this in yourself, become aware of it, express it.
It will help you identify your supposed superiors.