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Laying out the stall

Well, let's go straight to the abstract and lay out the stall, although, more correctly, the box is just emptied onto the table. Some proposals will be more acceptable than others, at least in principle, while others will require some thought and reflection.

Just to be clear, these are not requests or even demands. It would be more correct to say they are statements – that’s how important they are.

Of utmost importance is the radical notion that men have needs. You will note the avoidance of the word “rights”. The baggage attached to the word is uncomfortable, with its political overtones and a faint whiff of pleading supplication.

Need is more to the point. For many years, men have tried asking, then tried negotiating, then tried just to be heard, all the while taking on more burdens and Harry O'Palmer, for one, is tired of it.
It's difficult not taking the easy route by pretending to act on behalf of some worthy cause of others, polishing up the armour, protecting the weak, hero of the defenceless, worthy soldier and worker for the cause, because it simply doesn’t work. 

Boxer was a horse, not a man.

Above all, the spear point is that radical concept of the needs of men. Not a demographic subset, or a social or ethnic profile, but men, as men. Everything else, and whatever particular aspect affects you directly or indirectly, is a part of that overriding idea, and we are big enough to have space in our hearts for ourselves as well as others. 

Caring about yourself does not mean that you cannot care about others, but you should be distracted no more from the perfectly reasonable assertion that men have needs and that they are valid. 

Below are issues which need to be discussed, pursued and adopted. 

In fact, lets go further than that and predict that they will be discussed, pursued and adopted. 

All that’s required are awareness and political will.

•    All short term DV centres should open their doors and services to male survivors.
•    Long term legal and financial support structures for DV survivors should be extended to males and their children.
•    Paternal and maternal access and involvement, irrespective of partner relationships, are to be fully enforced and supported, if that is the wish of the individual in question and with regard to the safety and welfare of the child(ren). 

•    50/50 parenting after divorce is to be the default assumption and starting point of the courts.
•    The importance and value of the paternal relationship is to be recognized under the law and supported in practice.
•    Full disclosure to anyone, without prejudice and where available, of information pertaining to their biological parents, including indirect contact.
•    The abolition and criminalization of infant circumcision as an archaic, unnecessary and barbaric act.
•    The Development and Introduction of the male pill, or any other male contraceptive choices.
•    Legal Paternal Purrender should be a reality.

•    The recognition of female responsibility with regard to contraception, pregnancy, termination, childbirth and acceptance of parenthood.
•    Legalised abortion and a rejection of the double standard which currently exists.
•    Restructuring of marital law, without legal assumptions, to reflect modern society and having regard only for the explicit intentions of those involved.
•    Legal recognition of same-sex marriage.
•    Parity of sentencing between males and females in the criminal justice system.
•    Preservation of anonymity until conviction for anyone accused of sexual offences.
•    Parity of law, in theory and practice, for male and females under the rape and sexual offences acts.
•    Restructuring of ideological dogma and theory at all levels of education, research and public policy.
•    Parity of resources for medical research and services for males.
•    Extending the criminalization of commercial sale of human body parts to include the sale of sperm.
•    Limitation of access to sperm banks to males in respect of recognized sterility only and with similar consideration procedures as adoption.
•    Recognition of the genuine historical and cultural role of males in the family.
•    Recognition and rejection of prevalent negative portrayals of males and their detrimental effect on children.
•    Recognition and subversion of cultural norms and expectations of males.
•    Removal of gender-based public policies which are antagonistic, prohibitive, or damaging to the self image of males.
•    Rejection of the contemporary and historical concept of women as a uniquely oppressed class in western society.
•    Recognition of quota systems as fundamentally flawed, both theoretically and pragmatically.

•    Parity within social services and employment law with regard to males
•    The introduction of single-standard assessment for employment and education.
•    Recognition and resolution of male-female representational disparity at all levels of the social spectrum.
•    Rejection of all forms of violence, irrespective of gender.
•    Ongoing investigation, research, funding and support services specifically dealing with male suicide.
•    A desire to encourage men of all origins, backgrounds, status, ethnicity and sexual orientation to highlight without embarrassment any stereotypes, tropes, laws, customs or institutions which are detrimental to their happiness and well-being.

Many of these are easily recognisable, and the rest only require contemplation. 

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