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Now we see what's going on. It's not nice.

Subtlety and intrigue are gone, its time to bring out the big guns. There is no longer any need to hide, play cat and mouse. There is only one way to deal with people who ask questions - overwhelming force.
Illusion and dillusion fail to work on an intelligent and inquisitive mind, and ironically it is at the moment when one finds the answers, at the moment when the game reveals itself; it is then that one runs the risk of losing oneself. How easy it would be to give up, how easy to just become part of it! 
Rest, welcoming arms bringing you back into the fold, happy to be a slave with unquestioning obedience to a calm and soothing voice. No!
Now is the time to dig deep, dig those heels in, gather all the stubbornness, rebellion, insolence and pride you can muster. What is being done to you is being done to others too, and it is wrong. 
Remember who you are!