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No more heroes any more ......

Something is amiss. Beauty seem to be disappearing all the time. One would be hard-pressed to find a handful of heroes in modern western culture. There is always a negative caveat, which obscures the bigger picture and makes them small, petty, flawed. It is the flaw which is highlighted.
This is not through personal jealousies, which may be real but  nonetheless subjective. The image itself is obscured, cropped and the original print is carefully concealed. Great, heroic, noble, beauty and people are replaced with ugliness babbling idiots and monsters. One may ask, without a trace of irony, "What is a hero?"
The effect extends even to historical figures who seem to have metamorphosised, become tranparent and lost their substance. This, at least, can partly be explained the distance, as they receed slowly but irreversibly back in time. However, one would imagine that a clearer image could be obtained from historical facts and documents, if one has the desire, time and motivation to place ones eye to that telescope.
But there is also something wrong with the telescope - the expected, clearly defined, sharp image still isn't there.
There is plenty to see, but fuzzy and distorted - something is in front of the lense, a flotsom which may be interesting to some, but renderes the telscope useless. Again, one is hard-pressed to find a hero.
To the naked eye, everything looks the same; the historical landscape is well populated, as is current culture, with the hustle and bustle of industrious activity. At a glance, everything seems fine. It's enough to produce a dismissive shrug and one goes about ones daily business.
But keep looking. Look again. Look closer still! As soon as you find one, try to single them out, try to focus, to be sure, and they are gone again, discredited, shamed, unworthy. They disappear in the crowd, obscured, somehow always just out of the line of vision, a shadow in the corner of ones eye. Perhaps a sharp exhalation, and another shrug.
But, don't be fooled! look again. See their silhouettes, see the effects of their achievements, as an astromomer charts the location of a dark star. They are there, even if we cannot see them.
We feel their effects, they are among us, but yet their substance is gone and one cannot aspire to, or celebrate a mere phantom. Where have they gone?

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