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A house on the water, designed for two environments.

Many people dream of living in a house on the water, but how much water you can take is another matter. This stunning design is Hind House by John Pardey Architects.
The lightness and delicacy of the raised structure is more than a design feature because the plot is on the banks of the river Lodden, near Wargrave, and is succeptible to flooding. The design easily incorporates the change in surroundings, and appears equally at home "in the water" as it is "on the water".
The plan adopts a pin-wheel form and is elegantly articulated with zinc cladding, timber lining and large clear glazing elements. Generous decking allows for oudoor living, which can ttake full advantage of the beautiful surroundings.
Mind you car-parking could be a problem during flooding, but on the other hand, there's no traffic either and I would imagine its a great excuse to not take the dog for a walk.

via:  John Pardey Architects

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