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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

     It's easy to be fooled by civilised behavior, assumed superiority, imposed rules of engagement or perhaps shame. It can be hard to remember that social superiority is only an assumption. Stubborn persistence will win through. Say what you want, say it again, ask for an answer. 
Very soon, you will see the thin, threadbare veil of civility fall away, and you will be attacked. Let there be no doubt about that. You will be attacked from all sides; social stigmatisation, aggression, emotional blackmail, coercion and even threats from above. It can be hard to stay calm, to avoid allowing someone to get a rise out of you. Suddenly the bigger picture becomes very personal indeed, but it is not! 
 It is not when you are only searching for answers, searching for "the" answer to "What is going on?"
Harry keeps the bigger picture in mind, what is important in life, the finer things.